Family Traditions

You're probably thinking during this Easter holiday I'm going to share about yummy dinners or going to church or egg hunts.  

You are soooo wrong!!  Don't get me wrong, as a family we also have amazing Easter dinners, we always go to church and we always hunt eggs (usually finding some later with the mower or weed eater!).  

No the family tradition I'm talking about is watching the newest Fast and Furious movie!  

When you live with two males, it's hard sometimes to find things all three of us enjoy. The first Fast and Furious movie came out in 2001 when our son was just 8, and all three of were hooked!  

Now here we are 14 years later and we are continuing the tradition by watching Furious 7 together. 

I'm happy to say our little family of three has expanded to include a girlfriend!  

Hope Hannah likes Fast and Furious movies as much as we do!  What's your quirky family traditions?  Don't have one?  Create one!  It can be as simple as watching a series of movies together!  


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