Throwback Thursday {Memorial Weekend 2014}

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to share one of my favorite things  - CAMPING!!

Hence the name lol!

I know it sounds crazy but I have a goal to visit and/or camp in every state park in the country!  Seriously!

Camping is usually one of those things most people either love or hate.

I hope I can inspire some of the haters that camping might not be so bad after all and I hope I can share camping tips with the lovers {insert winky face!}.

We probably won't get to do much camping this summer.  The obvious reason is our home remodeling project but also we sold our pop-up camper {we plan to buy a bigger one} and our tent supplies is at the very back of our storage unit. the mean time........I will occasionally share some past camping trips.

Like this one we took last Memorial Day weekend.

We have had the tradition for several years to go camping at St. Joe State Park near Park Hills, MO on Memorial weekend.

St. Joe's State Park is a park where you can ride 4-wheelers and dirt bikes.

We brought our 4-wheelers with us and had a blast!

This was just a few pictures to give you an idea of how awesome St. Joe is!

Future camping trips will include more pictures and more food!  My favorite!

Remembering the Happy Camper Life!


  1. My husband and I love to camp,too, though we have mostly just camped in California. We left CA and bought 20 acres in the Ozarks, and haven't camped since!

    Have you been to Cloud 9, in Caulfield MO? (I think it's Caulfield; about 25 miles from West Plains, at any rate)

  2. We have not been to Cloud 9 - it sounds heavenly though! We mainly camp at state parks. I would be camping every weekend if it were up to me!


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