Key to Happiness {Be Flexible}

There are a lot of self-help books out there telling people the keys to happiness.  Really the only self-help book you need is the Bible.  I'm serious!  True happiness comes from giving up what our selfish nature wants and listening to that still, small voice telling us what we should do instead.  When we follow that still, small voice, we get want we truly need which makes us happy.

Sometimes doing this is easy and sometimes it's REALLY hard!  Like was our anniversary.  Last year we celebrated by going to Alaska!  This year we were so overwhelmed with the house and new puppies, we had no plans.  Yet I was determined to do something fun.  Besides I'm writing a blog now and I have very few posts about the joys of the great outdoors lol!

So I quickly planned a day of outdoor fun at a couple state parks about 2 1/2 hours away.....Elephant Rocks and Johnson's Shut-Ins.  We hadn't been in there in years - our son didn't really remember going and he's 22!  I was able to coordinate him and his girlfriend going with us.  By the grace of God even the different guys working on our house couldn't work on our house Wednesday due to other jobs.  So I bought a new swim suit to wear at the river, new beach towels, lots of snacks - I was ready!

Then it rained!

And rained......

And rained.....

And rained......

Even though we were getting Noah-like rain, I was still determined to go!  Have you ever been in that situation where you were "hell bent" on getting your way?!  I got angry at Clinton for even suggesting we stay home.  I got all "poor pitiful me" and started feeling sorry for myself, thinking this was my one and only chance to something fun this summer.  It was not pretty.

But before my ugly self got out of control, I prayed.  Just a quick little prayer giving God my day.  Once I gave him permission, He took over and we had an awesome day!

The four of us (me, Clinton, Russell and Hannah) drove to Camdenton where we had looked at RVs the past Saturday.

And guess what?!!  We looked at another one (which we had seen but didn't really consider it) that we really liked - it was smaller (32 foot instead of 39) and was cheaper - Yeah!  Because of it was dark and gloomy, I didn't get very good pictures but you can click on this link (Forest River Rockwood Signature Ultra Lite) to see lots of pics!  I really do like it and hope we drive it home soon!

This is me looking at RVs in the rain with my shirt wrapped around my head lol!

After looking at RVs, we decided to go to Ha Ha Tonka - one of my favorite state parks in Missouri!  I was especially excited when I found out Hannah had never been there!  I had packed all of our picnic goodies with us so we just had a picnic by the lake instead of my original plan.  You know what - it was just as good and just as memorable!  

We walked on the trail to the spring.  It was awesome!  Because of the rain, there was no one there.  

We spent the second half of the day going to another RV dealership close to where our son lives (didn't find anything we liked better) and eating dinner (chicken and dumplings) at Cracker Barrel.  In the end, our anniversary was very memorable and fun.  I just had to give up my own ideas and go with God's plan which turned out accomplishing more!  

Want to live a Happy Camper Life - let go and give in to God!


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