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Purpose of Happy Camper Life

Last week I attended an educational conference in Atlanta, GA.  When I originally agreed to attend this conference, I assumed we would fly since it is an 11 hour drive to Atlanta from here.  I assumed wrong!  But I'm always up for a road trip so I stuck with it.  All those hours in the vehicle and all the hours waiting in lines for various things at the conference (sessions, food, even elevators!) gave me a lot of thinking time.

What did I think about mostly?  My blog of course!  Mostly I kept thinking about why I'm doing this.  I decided I want to constantly remind myself and anyone who takes the time to read my blog that the purpose is to stay true to its name - Happy Camper Life.  In other words, regardless if I have any followers at all or if I make a cent off this blog, I want to share my life and how I stay happy through the everyday ups and downs.  Whether that's through remodeling a house, cooking a great meal, camping at a beautiful state park, or even attending an educational conference, there is always something beautiful and wonderful and awe-inspiring in this life.  We just have to search for it, notice it and appreciate it.

So here are a few things that made me happy while at the conference in Atlanta:

The huge KFC sign that actually moved!

The inside of our hotel - the Marriott Marquis - it was actually used in the Hunger Games movie!  The elevators were all glass and felt a little bit like an amusement park ride!

Uber - where private individuals use their own cars to pick you up and take you where you want to go.  It made me happy to quickly pick up on a new app and to meet some really nice Uber drivers.  

Food!  While at Atlanta, we ate at The Vortex.  How would I describe that restaurant?!  Let me say it was a very adult place!  But it had great food!  I had the Southern Hot Mess - fried chicken patty on top of Texas toast, topped with a fried egg, white pepper gravy and bacon!  I could have eaten two of them - seriously!

The view from my hotel room on the 27th floor

Listening to one of my favorite authors and researcher - Ruby Payne

The inside atrium of the Hyatt hotel next door where some of the breakout sessions were located 

Dessert! This was a chocolate cream pie with a bourbon vanilla layer and raspberry sauce - so good!

The view from my room at night - I loved to watch the lights!

Getting to crash the Haven blogging conference!  I skipped lunch at my conference on Friday and "hung out" in the foyer of the blogging conference.  I actually said hi to one of my favorite bloggers - Rhoda from Southern Hospitality (she is in the mint green).  I was totally star-struck!

I'm going to attend this conference as a blogger some day!

Skyscrapers downtown

Visiting the capitol building

Our waiter our last night who looked like Vin Diesel!

Part of me really didn't want to leave my hubby and the remodel to go to Atlanta but I had some fun, I learned some things, and found ways to stay happy.  And the best part, I got to come home to Charlie....

and Truman!!

Living the Happy Camper Life!


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