Camping at Stockton Lake

Have I mentioned after 26 years of marriage, Clinton and I bought our first RV?!  I might have mentioned it once or twice!

One of the reasons why I wanted an RV so badly was because I was hoping it would allow us to go camping more often, especially after school starts.

This past weekend was our first time just hooking up the RV and heading to a state park without any prior planning.

It was awesome!  I came home from work, threw some clothes and food inside and away we went.  We decided to camp somewhere we had not camped before and settled on Stockton State Park because it was less than two hours away.

We left our house around 5:30 and got there at 7:15 Friday night.  It probably took us 15 minutes to set up our Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite.

All we had to do was plug it in to the power pole, put down the leveling jacks (with the push of a button!), unhook it from the truck, push out the slides and unroll the awning (again with a push of a button!).

Then we took the puppies for a walk down to the marina.  Stockton Lake is one of the best lakes to sail on in the United States!

We don't get to see a lot of sailboats in the middle of the United States!

On the way, we passed by the playground and restroom/shower house.

Truman and Charlie did not know what to think about the carp at the marina!

Stockton State Park has two campgrounds close to each other.  The one we stayed at (East) was closer to the marina - just a short walk down the hill.  The other one (West) was a little more shadier (more trees lol) and had a circle of non-electric.

The state park also had some really nice condo-style cabins to rent.

Saturday we drove around the state park, checking out the different picnic areas and swim beach (I will write a separate blog post about them).  While we were out, we stopped at the nearby gas station.  They had Hunt Brothers pizza - we couldn't resist so we brought one back to our campsite for lunch.

Truman loved camping ........

So did Charlie............

And so did the flying squirrel that flew to the tree right beside our picnic table while we were playing Sequence!

I have more pictures to share!  But I didn't want to overwhelm you!  More to come!

Live the Happy Camper Life people!  What are you waiting for!


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