Our First RV!!

I can't really tell you where my love for camping came from.  My family never went camping when I was growing up, neither did my husband's family.

After our son was born, Clinton and I took up camping because it was an expensive way to "go on vacation."  We bought a tent, an air mattress, a couple of coolers and we started camping.  

I guess that's actually where this deep-seated love for camping occurred.  There's nothing better than setting up camp, then sitting around a campfire - cooking, eating, and laughing.  Then you wake up, usually early and watch the sun rise.  You hear birds, crickets, and other sounds of nature.  You smell bacon and coffee wafting across the campground.  It's so peaceful and helps to clear your mind.  

We have tent camped at various state park near us in Missouri and we have also tent camped in other states, like this one trip we took around the Great Lakes.  

Last year we finally upgraded to a pop-up camper.  It was like a tent only with air conditioning!  We only kept it one year and then sold it, with the hopes of buying a full-size 5th wheel RV (the type you hook to the bed of your truck).  

Friday we were finally blessed with the good fortune of purchasing our first RV - a 32 foot Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite.  Let me take you on a tour!

Here's what it looked like behind our truck.  I was nervous about pulling it but my husband was a pro!

And here it is set up at Pomme de Terre State Park!  It was gorgeous but it was a little hotter than it looked that day.

It has a lot of storage underneath....

It has two slide-outs - the first one is the closet in the bedroom....

The second slide-out is where the couch and table is located....

This is a cool feature....there's a hole in the bottom of the bathroom vanity which serves as a laundry shoot where your clothes drop down into the laundry basket that you can just take out when you get home!  

It also has a handy little fridge outside.....

It also has a beautiful set of LED lights under the awning - at night it was beautiful!

Ready to step inside?!

It opens up to a spacious living area...with a nice entertainment center...the stereo was my favorite...you could listen to music in the living area or the bedroom or outside or all three!  And it had Bluetooth so I was able to listen to my favorite Norah Jones station!  Do you see that thing at the bottom?!

Yes it is a fireplace!!!

On one side are two Lazy Boy recliners with a pretty picture window.....

On the other side is a couch that makes into a bed....more pictures windows....

There is also a nice table with chairs....I like being able to move the chairs around where I need them....

At the end of the RV is the kitchen....we loved this layout and felt the kitchen had a lot of room which is what was important to me....picture me cooking and blogging about some new recipe!

I love the sink!  For years I heated up water over a fire or hot plate to wash dishes in a pan on the picnic table.

The fridge isn't huge but it's big enough for us and it has this really cool blue light inside!

It also has an awesome pantry!

Let's head upstairs!

To the left is the bathroom.....

The bedroom is in the neck of the RV....

The second slide is a large closet....

Notice we didn't even put any clothes in it!  We had packed a suitcase and hid it actually underneath the bed....the end of it flipped up and had storage underneath the mattress, plenty of room for our suitcase.

In the end, I'm glad we spent years tent camping with our son.  We have so many happy memories doing that.  But now I'm excited about camping during the fall and maybe even the winter!  Follow me and you might just want to be a Happy Camper too!


  1. Wow! This is awesome...I think you could live in that thing! I'm so happy for you and Clinton. Happy Camping!

    1. Thank you Patti! Let's take it to Waco after Christmas this year!

  2. It looks awesome Michele! Can't wait to tour it in person :)
    So excited for you guys!

    1. Thank you Jacy! It's parked in our driveway right now lol! Come over any time!


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