Stockton State Park Part 2

Howdy!  Hope you all had a relaxing weekend!  Clinton and I did - we thought about camping but our puppies got "fixed" Friday and they needed some R&R.  It actually felt really good to totally unplug for the weekend and just be lazy with them.

Since we didn't go camping, I am going to show you the rest of Stockton State Park.

Stockton State Park has two really nice picnic shelter areas.  The first one we visited is close to the marina and to the campground - the South Shelter.

It had a beautiful view of the marina and its own dock.

The other picnic shelter (North) sat up on a hill and overlooked the lake through the trees.  I thought it would make a beautiful location for a small outdoor wedding.

Near the North Shelter was the Swim Beach - there was a beautiful shaded sidewalk that led down to the beach.

There were a couple of trails at the state park but we ended up not hiking because it was so hot and humid.  We did find a small trail that connected the two campgrounds that went down to the lake.

Looking at these pictures make me want to go back and get into my kayak!

Live the Happy Camper Life!


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