Babler State Park

It is my goal in life to camp and/or visit as many state parks in the United States.

Recently we crossed off a state park in Missouri we had never camped at or had even visited - Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park.

This was one of the most beautiful state parks we've ever visited!  It is located right outside of St. Louis.  It doesn't have a lake or a river running through it but it does have 2,400 acres of the most beautiful woods!

You drive through a very upscale residential area and then turn down a side road, turn into the gated area and drive down a extra wide road up through the park.

We left after work on Friday and got there about 6:30 - 2 1/2 hour drive for us.  We found our spot (#52) very easily and set up camp.

(These pictures were actually taken Saturday morning)

After we got set up, we drove to the Taste of St. Louis food festival - more on that in another post.

Funny story - Saturday morning our dogs woke up early so I took them for a walk and then laid down on the couch so Clinton could sleep.  I had just drifted off to sleep when I heard a weird popping noise.  I blamed it on Truman - our little poodle mix - until I looked down and saw he was asleep on the floor.  I began to worry that something was terribly wrong with our RV - maybe the fridge was about to explode or the gas was leaking and the whole thing was going to go up in flames.  It took awhile but I finally figured it out when I didn't just hear loud popping noises but I also heard rolling noises lol!  Acorns were falling onto our RV and landing very loudly!  I was amazed at how loud it was!

There wasn't much sleep after that so I got up and cooked breakfast.

People have asked me if I cook in our RV and yes I do!  It's so easy.  That morning I fried some sausage on the stove top and then made French toast.  I do use our exhaust fan over the stove to move any cooking smells outside.

Even though I find I easy to cook inside, I still like to eat outside as much as possible!  

These were the views out our windows...

It was kind of chilly that morning so we "turned on" the fireplace!  

After a leisurely breakfast, we loaded up the pups and drove around the park.  Like I've already said, it was beautiful!  

We first stopped at the large statute of Dr. Babler.  It was situated on a huge lawn.

Then we drove around the park.  It was beautiful!  It will be really beautiful later this fall when the leaves are turning.

There was a beautiful stone picnic shelter that hosted a wedding Saturday afternoon.

We stopped by the cute Visitor's Center.

Inside there was a group of little girls who were camping in the campground learning all about nature.  They were so sweet and eager to learn!

The Visitor's Center had some neat displays as well.

After we visited the center, we walked across the street to hike on a trail.  We didn't have a lot of time since we wanted to get back to the food festival, so we picked the Virginia Day Memorial Nature Trail.  It was only a mile and a half.  It was a very nice trail with moderate difficulty.

After we walked on the trail, we spent the rest of the day at the food festival.

That night we came back and built an awesome campfire.

Sunday we watched church online and then went back to the food festival one last time!  Then we hooked up and headed home.

I look forward to returning to Babler and hiking on more trails!

Living the Happy Camper Life!


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