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Camping at the Branson KOA

I am super excited about this coming weekend!  We are going to camp at a (new to us) state park outside of St. Louis - Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park.  I'm excited about trying out a different state park but I'm equally excited about attending the Taste of St. Louis food festival!  Babler State Park is just 15 minutes away from the food festival.  Combining two of my favorite things - cooking and camping - is a weekend made in heaven!

I certainly can't go camping this weekend without first catching you up on our Labor Day camping trip.  We had not made reservations anywhere since we did not buy our RV until the end of July.  When you don't make reservations 6 months in advance, you won't be staying at any popular state parks in Missouri!  So we started looking at other campgrounds in the Branson area since we had some family visiting there.  We called several other places but they were all booked.  We called the Branson KOA - we've stayed at other KOAs and have enjoyed them.  They had one space left!

Here's Charlie, our Schnauzer, on the way down to Branson.  We lifted up the back seats of the truck, put their (Charlie and Truman - our poodle mix) crate back there with the door open, giving them room to sleep or move around.  That worked out really well!

Unfortunately right after we got set up at Branson, Truman had to have a trim when he got covered with burrs!  I couldn't pick them out, I had to cut them out!

Here's our spot - it was small but level.  The tree gave great shade.  We were given actually two spots, we parked our truck on the other.

The grounds at the Branson KOA were very pretty and patriotic!

They had a very pretty patio area where you could eat pizza that they sold there.  

While we were camping, we drafted our Fantasy Football teams online!  It's awesome to be connected to the world no matter where you are!

At the Branson KOA, they have some "luxury sites".  These were pretty luxurious compared to our tight spot.  They had a patio with dining set and swing, as well as a grill and fireplace.  Pretty swanky!  

Another cool feature of the Branson KOA was the pontoon rental!  It even came with a yellow truck so you could drive the pontoon to whichever part of Table Rock Lake you wanted!

Even though Labor Day weekend was late this year, it was extremely hot.  We were really happy that the Branson KOA had a great big pool!  It was nine foot deep in the deep end.  

There was a very nice playground for the kiddos.

Not only did it have a place for human babies to play, it had a play for fur babies to play!  We took Truman and Charlie to their first ever dog park!  They didn't play as much as we thought they would, they were too busy sniffing!

Overall it was a very nice camping experience!

Can't wait to share our next camping adventure!  
Livin' the Happy Camper Life!


  1. I'm a big fan of the KOA's. I always feel safe there and there is usually lots of fun stuff to do. Glad you are getting out there and enjoying your new camper!

    1. I agree Patti! I do enjoy KOA's as well.


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