Pomme de Terre State Park

What was the weather like this past weekend in your part of the world?

Here in Missouri, it was one of the most beautiful autumn weekends ever!

I was sooooo happy to go camping!  It was one of the first times I can remember ever camping beyond Labor Day weekend.  I remember tent camping one year for my birthday (November 1) but other than that, we rarely camped after Labor Day.  It can and did get pretty chilly at night.  I have a hard time sleeping if I'm cold!

Camping in an RV is so luxurious!  Heat and air and a fire place!

We went back to our favorite campground - Hermitage at Pomme de Terre.

We love Hermitage because it is relatively flat, has lots of shade but also has great views (and access to) the lake.

We hiked a trail Saturday afternoon.  It was gorgeous!

We ate well while we were there!

Friday night I fixed these amazing little Diamond Burgers!  Thanks Amanda and Kevin!  This is their picture - not mine, although mine looked very similar!

Saturday morning I whipped up these for breakfast - Black Forest Waffles - minus the sundae part.  I love Allie from Baking a Moment.  Check out her blog!

Saturday night we cooked our dinner over a campfire using our Dutch oven.  We used Dutch Oven Dude's recipe for Witches Brew - it was so good and warmed our bellies!

We ended the weekend with the most spectacular sunset we've ever seen!

I was sad to leave but am hoping to get in one more camping trip in October.  Camping isn't the only thing that makes me happy but it sure does help!

Livin' the Happy Camper Life!


  1. Really gorgeous. I think my husband and I need to head on up there!


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