Throwback Thursday - Alaskan Adventure Day 1

One of the reasons why I wanted to start this blog was to inspire people to get outside more and enjoy this beautiful world God has created.  However, we don't get outside as much during January.  So I decided to highlight each day of our amazing trip to Alaska we took during the summer of 2014 on Throwback Thursdays.  It was a 10 day trip so by the time I get through 10 Throwback Thursdays, it will be time to go camping again!!

Before I tell you all about Day 1, let me give you some background.  My hubby and I usually don't take big vacations.  And when we do, we camp and we take our son.  But this time was different.  It was our 25th wedding anniversary and we wanted to do something different and special.  We threw around ideas like renting a beach house in Florida for the entire family or going to  Banff in Canada.  But nothing sounded right so we just did nothing about it.  Finally mid-spring I got to thinking about surprising my hubby with a trip to his bucket list destination - Alaska!

Honestly at first I was not crazy about the idea of going to Alaska!  It sounded cold and expensive.  And I thought that our only choice was a cruise and I just didn't think we would enjoy that - we like hiking and camping.  But I started researching and found out that a cruise was not our only option.  And I found out that typically Alaskan cruises just cruise around the Inside Passage, stopping at the state capital Juneau, as well as Sitka and Ketchikan.  Those are beautiful destinations but when I thought about Alaska, I thought about seeing Mt. McKinley and Denali National Park.  You can visit those places on a cruise but it costs extra for land excursions.

Then I found the perfect alternative - a land tour!  Sure it wasn't necessarily cheaper but it fit us better.  It was a nine day tour fully planned out for us, except we got our own rental car and could have some freedom when it came to meals.  And best of all we would get to see Mt. McKinley!

So are you ready to travel back in time?!

I am!!

Alaskan Adventure Day 1

We left Friday, June 21 at 9:00 a.m. from the St. Louis airport.

We flew to Chicago, switched planes and flew to Seattle.  Seattle has a beautiful airport!  We ate a late lunch there and then got on another plane and flew the final leg to Anchorage, Alaska!

The flight to Alaska was one I will never forget!  The mountains were unlike any I had ever seen!  They were huge, beautiful and everywhere!

We landed around 5:30 p.m. that evening - it helped we gained time as we headed west!  It was a cool 54 degrees!  Notice we are still in our short sleeves!

We took a shuttle to our first night stay - Downtown Comfort Inn Ship Creek.  Officially our tour package did not start till the next day so we had to decide on this one ourselves.  We picked out Comfort Inn at Ship Creek because it was within walking distance of downtown and we didn't pick up our rental car till the next day.

The Summer Solstice celebration was going on that night!  If you call what they have there at that time of year night!  It never got dark!  It was like twilight all night long!

Here was a picture taken of Ship Creek that night!  

We had a great night at the celebration, shopping at touristy shops in Anchorage and eating fresh crab legs!  But none of this compares to Day 2!! Wait for it!  It's coming!

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