Thursday Throwback - Alaskan Adventure Day 2

Since we're not doing any camping right now due to winter weather and tight work schedule, I'm highlighting our trip to Alaska in June 2014.

Day 2 is kind of misleading!  Day 1 was really traveling to Alaska.  Day 2 was when our adventure really began.  We ate our free breakfast at the hotel we were staying at in downtown Anchorage.  We couldn't pick up our rental car until 9:00 a.m. so we walked around by the shore of Anchorage.

Anchorage had beautiful flowers hanging all over the place!

Here's a picture of Ship Creek near our hotel.  It wasn't salmon season while we were there but we did enjoy watching them fish anyway.

After we picked up our rental car and stopped by Walmart to pick up snacks and water, we headed north toward Denali.

We ate fast food for lunch in Wasilla and then got back on the road to Denali.  As we drove, I wondered if we would know Mt. McKinley when we saw it.  We also knew that the summit of Mt. McKinley is visible only about 20% of the time.  So we were fully expecting not to see the summit.  As I was thinking all this, we rounded a corner and there she was.......

This picture does not capture the emotion that I felt when I first laid eyes on that mountain!  We pulled over and I literally cried!  I felt like I was looking at where God lived!  The mountains closer to the tree line are big, like the ones you see in Colorado.  Mt. McKinley (now just known as Denali) is the white summit to the left.  It is unbelievably tall!

We stopped at a scenic overlook area and were just in awe!

We finally tore ourselves away from the amazing scenery and drove further north.  We stopped at another overlook and saw more amazing scenery!

We finally arrived at Denali.  It is just a strip of hotels, with a few souvenir shops and a couple of restaurants.  We stayed at the Denali Bluffs hotel.

We ate dinner at our hotel and then set off for a river raft ride - at 7:30 p.m.!  Check out how light it was!

It was a beautiful float but unfortunately we did not see any wildlife.

We wrapped up the day drinking wine from the deck area of our hotel.  This picture was taken at 11:00 p.m.!!

We fell in love with Alaska this day!  The mountains just spoke to our soul.  We can't wait to go back!  I will share Day 3 next week - that day was the scariest day of my life!

Live a Happy Camper Life!


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