The Start of Daily Blogging

Sixteen days ago, my husband and I started something BIG!  We left the comforts of home and family and hit the road to see the country while living in our RV! 

I am working on creating videos of our travels but I also want to blog about them as well.

You can save so much more information in a blog than you can a vlog.  A vlog is more visual whereas a blog can be more informational.

This may be interesting only to me but here it goes.....

Friday started with my new routine - getting up with the dogs about 6:00 a.m.  I took them on a quick, wet walk as it had been raining all night.

I then worked for the next two hours uploading the video I had worked on last night to Youtube.  It's nice to have wifi here in this campground but it's not super fast.

After a light breakfast of coffee and oatmeal scotchy cookies, Clinton and I packed up a picnic lunch and headed out for our daily adventure.  It was a cool (47 degrees) and foggy morning.

We headed for the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Cherokee Indian Reservation south of the Smoky Mountain National Park. 

It was a magical experience!  Pictures don't do it justice.  It was like driving in a dark, magical forest for miles. 

We then stopped at the Oconaluftee Visitor Center.  This turned out to be our favorite experience in the national park.  

It is far less popular so you can actually find a parking spot without waiting in line for one to open up!  

We were excited to see an elk in the field near the center!  

You know that there is wildlife somewhere when you see a bunch of people pulled over on the side of the road!

The visitor center was beautiful!  We loved the view from the rocking chairs on the back deck!

They had an original mountain cabin and outbuildings set up by the creek.  It was a very informational!

We ate sandwiches in the truck since everything was wet outside and then headed through the town of Cherokee.  It was a charming town in the Cherokee Indian Reservation. 

We stopped at the Indian Veteran's park.  We found it fascinating reading through the names of American Indians who had served in different wars.

We then headed for the national park outside of Bryson City.  We went for an amazing hike to see Juney Whank Falls, as well as Toms Branch and Indian Creek Falls.

Here we are in front of Juney Whank Falls

Toms Branch Falls

Indian Creek Falls

The hike to Juney Whank was a little challenging but the hike to Toms Branch and Indian Creek was gentle and accessible to everyone.  

This was our favorite day in the Smoky Mountains.  We enjoyed fewer people on the trails and the trail itself.  Hiking on cloudy, cool, rainy days may be my new favorite thing!

We drove back through Bryson City on our way back to the RV.  It is an adorable little town!  If we had more time and energy, we would have stopped and strolled down the streets.  

We got back to our campground around 5:00.  We walked the dogs, made chili for dinner, and watched TV while working on pictures and video.  

Everyday we keep track of how many miles we drive and how much we spend.  Here is today's info:

A blogger I follow always ends her blog with an inspirational quote.  I really love quotes and thought it would be a great way to end my blogs.

My blog may not be as professional as others, my videos are still a work in progress but that's ok - I'm going to just be myself.  I'm learning, I'm growing, I'm living my dream!  

Be Happy Campers!



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