Travel Day - Asheville to Durham, NC

Monday was a travel day for us.  We were kind of sad to leave our campground - it was so cute!  After a quick breakfast of cereal, we went through our routine of tearing down our campsite and pulled out at 10:00 a.m.

Leaving the Smoky Mountains was also a bit sad - we really enjoyed our time there!

After about two hours, the mountains gave way to gentle, rolling hills.  We took Interstate 40 for most our drive.

There was a really rough section of Interstate 40 that made Charlie, our Schnauzer, scared!

We stopped at a couple of different rest stops along the way, letting the dogs stretch their legs as well, and eating a picnic lunch.

A little over four hours later, we arrived in the Falls Lake Recreational Area.  Unfortunately the map on my phone took us to the wrong place.  Thankfully we were able to turn the rig around and found the correct campground thanks to a phone call to the very helpful park office.

We found our campsite (#73) which was by the lake.  It was sloping down but Clinton got Roxy parked and leveled.

We got everything set up and started dinner - grilled pork tenderloin with sauted mushrooms and potatoes, as well as some cornbread.

We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing in the RV and watching TV - we got several stations with just our antenna.

Here's today daily info:

Tuesday we will explore the city of Durham, North Carolina.

Having a hard time finding your campground is definitely not a very stormy situation but it can be a little stressful.

Whatever storms you are facing, I pray that you handle them with peace and serenity.

Stay happy Campers!



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