A Day in Carolina Beach

6:30 a.m.

Well the carbon monoxide detector went off again in the wee hours of the morning so the dogs were either afraid or still sleepy and stayed in the bedroom with Clinton while I got up and did my morning routine. 

7:00 a.m.

We're thankful that our RV antennae can pick up local channels so we were able to watch the morning news and hear about how all the elections turned out.  I took the dogs on a walk - this time walking a part of the Snow's Cut trail. 

The campground isn't very large but it is very nice.  We love all the pine trees.  The mosquitoes were kind of bad at the marina but we haven't hardly seen any of them in the campground. 

9:00 a.m.

After a quick breakfast of granola and fruit, Clinton and I headed down the road to Fort Fisher.  Fort Fisher is a North Carolina historical site and was a Confederate fort.  We stopped at the visitor center and one of the men behind the desk was very informative and told us all about the site.  He started a short video about it as well.  We looked at the displays inside and then walked on the trail outside.  The fort was not made with wooden and stone but from sand and soil instead. 

Some of it has eroded away.  It was a little over a mile long and was used to protect the inland waterway to Wilmington for Confederate supplies.  The Union battleships would be on the ocean side.  Eventually Union forces overtook this fort and within a few months, the Civil War ended, largely due to the lack of supplies to the Confederates. 

We then walked across the street to the Fort Fisher memorial statue. 

We walked on the paved walking trail by the ocean where large boulders had been placed. 

There were some really cool trees growing along the trail.

11:00 a.m.

After spending time at the free museum, we drove down to the ferry and then back up past Kure Beach and Carolina Beach.  We stopped at the end of the island and walked on Freeman Park.  There were a few people fishing.  The beach was beautiful but you could see signs of damage from Hurricane Florence.  There are nice homes on the island but it does seem a little more relaxed than the homes around Wrightsville Beach.

12:00 p.m.

We came back to the RV for lunch - turkey and cheese sandwiches.  We then went in search of Venus flytraps.  There is a trail in the state park where you can find them growing wild.  It was a great little trail - very easy to walk with wooden walkways over the swampy areas. 

It was just a half mile long but it took us a while to walk since we were looking everywhere for those creepy little plants.  We didn't find any on our first go around but we decided to give it another try and we actually found one little plant!  You can see how hard they were to find by looking at this picture:

It was like finding a needle in a haystack! 

I really liked these pitcher plants. 

2:00 p.m.

After our short but interesting hike, we jumped back in the truck to find a Starbucks (so far they seem to have the fastest wifi).  We found one in a brand new shopping area.  It was really nice.  We sat outside in 70 degree weather and I finally got the video from Raleigh uploaded while Clinton watched videos on the iPad. 

4:30 p.m.

We spent the rest of the evening just chillin' in the RV.  We walked the dogs, we ate pot pies for dinner (actually used our RV oven - the pilot light did go out during cooking but we lit it again and it did just fine), and I worked on pictures and blogging. 

Today was a cheap day for us!  We like those days!

Thursday we drive two hours to Myrtle Beach!  It's hard to believe we have been traveling in our RV for almost a month now and have covered two states!  Each day we get more and more comfortable with this lifestyle.

Stay happy Campers,

Michele and Clinton


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