Exploring Wilmington, NC

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

6:30 a.m.

I actually got up before the dogs - I think they were either tired or still too scared from the carbon monoxide alarm going off in the middle of the night!  We're not sure why it went off but Clinton opened the windows a little bit to air things out.  I was able to enjoy some quiet time in the living room reading my Bible and checking social media without having to go for an immediate walk at the crack of dawn.

8:00 a.m.

I fixed a healthy lunch of scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions and low sodium bacon.
This breakfast keeps me full for hours.

10:30 a.m.

After taking the dogs for a walk, Clinton and I left for Wilmington.  We first headed to an RV dealership because we needed some more RV toilet paper lol!  We saw a dealership on the way to the state park yesterday.  It caught our eye because it had camper vans.

We had so much fun touring the different the different camper vans.  They were luxury vans - not like some of the homemade vans we've seen on Youtube.  On one hand, it would make it easier to drive from place to place but on the other hand, you would have to take it everywhere with you - unless you pull a vehicle.  We love the idea of the freedom camper vans would allow but living in one full-time might not work for us.

11:30 a.m.

We drove over to the Wrightsville Beach area.  It was very nice there!  The homes were large and beautiful and looked very expensive.  We found a public parking lot (which is free during the off season!) and walked down the beach by the pier.  It was a large beach - much wider than the beach at the Outer Banks.  It was an absolutely beautiful day - sunny and in the lower 80's.

Parts of the beach were made of crushed seashells!

1:00 p.m.

We drove across from the ocean to the inlet to eat lunch in the historic area of Wilmington.  I try to pick new places to eat by reading the reviews (mostly Yelp) and then by checking out their menus.  I love eating at places with interesting menus.  That's how I found Fork n' Cork.  It was absolutely perfect!  It was in this cute little place with exposed brick, funky lighting, and just an overall cool vibe.  The place was packed for a Tuesday afternoon.  Hubby and I ended up sharing a plate (a great way to keep costs down and not overeat!) - the steak burger with homemade steak sauce, onion ring, mushrooms, blue cheese and bacon.  It came with fries but we upgraded to the poutine fries - covered with duck gravy and melted cheese curds.  It was excellent!

2:00 p.m.

Clinton and I headed out for a self-guided walking tour on historic Wilmington.  I had downloaded an app that was easy to follow and had audio about 16 different spots.  It would have been easier if each of us had the app and could listen with our own earbuds but we muddled through.  It was a little noisy here and there due to construction from the hurricane.

We loved walking around this beautiful area.  We walked along the boardwalk and saw the Battleship North Carolina from across the river.  It looked like an awesome place to visit. 

We also saw a Coast Guard ship up close. 

We learned about different buildings in this area and the role they played in history.  We were amazed the water in front of us housed so many different sunken ships!

So far Wilmington has been my favorite place for historical buildings.

5:30 p.m.

After we got back to the campground, I left in the truck to wash clothes and upload pictures at the marina.  I got to watch a beautiful sunset over the inlet. 

I met a couple who were traveling in the boat down the coast to Key West - kind of like camping in an RV that floats!  I had to wait on them to finish using the one washing/dryer before I started our two loads.  Thankfully it only cost $1 per load.  Unfortunately it was really slow and I was there to almost 8:30! 

I had to sit outside on the deck overlooking the marina to access their wifi.  I was able to upload pictures but it wasn't fast enough to upload a video to Youtube.  The mosquitos started to buzz around and I had to buy bug spray from the marina. 

Here's the breakdown of our day:

Wednesday we will explore the other end of Carolina Beach, walk on some trails at the state park, and look for faster wifi. 

Stay happy Campers,

Michele and Clinton


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