Friends in Charleston

Saturday, November 24, 2018

7:00 a.m.

It had rained all night long which is kind of noisy in our RV.  You would think it would be nice to go to sleep with the sound of rain hitting the roof but it's kind of annoying lol! 

Even though it was still raining, I went ahead and took Charlie for a walk.  It had warmed up a lot since yesterday (60°!). 

We had French toast and bacon for breakfast - such a treat! 

12:00 p.m.

We are getting into a habit of being lazy in the morning and finally getting around by noon!  However there was a reason why we took our time leaving to explore - we were meeting a gal I used to work with 15 years ago!  We have stayed in touch all these years through Facebook. 

1:00 p.m.

We are camping only about 11 miles from downtown Charleston but it takes a long time for us to find a parking space big enough for us to maneuver our truck into!  We finally found a spot and walked several blocks to meet my friend.

We met at the Charleston City Market.  This market is huge!  It was first opened in 1692!  We spent some time walking down through it and checking out its signature sweetgrass baskets. 

After all that shopping and catching up, we were hungry so our friends suggested the Charleston Rooftop Bar.  It had breathtaking views of the city and river.  

Clinton had the fish tacos and I ended up with two appetizers - cheese curds and crab/artichoke dip:

After lunch we walked around and checked out the waterfront park and pineapple fountain - there was a huge cruise ship docked there:

We then walked around and just enjoyed all the beautiful homes - especially Rainbow Row!

We loved all the interesting architecture! 

And the intriguing alleys and beautiful metal gates

There were cute, little things here and there

And this is the "Holy City" with amazing churches and cemeteries. 

After all that walking, we were ready for snack.  Our hosts who know this city recommended Kaminsky's Dessert Cafe.  We enjoyed a great cup of coffee and a slice of key lime pie.

Here's a short video of some of the sights of downtown Charleston:

We treated our friends to lunch since they took time out of their schedule to show us around.  Then they treated us to dessert!  We also didn't have to drive very far since we are camped close by.

Sunday we are planning to explore Charleston some more because we just love that city!  We also may venture out to a few spots surrounding the city.

Stay happy Campers!

Michele and Clinton


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