Bikes on the Beach

Thursday, December 6, 2018

6:30 a.m.

I got up early to walk the dogs like usual - it was a cool 35°.  Truman again wanted to go right back but Charlie wanted to keep going.  He and I ended up going out of the campground and across the street - I saw a sign that read Clam Creek Picnic Area.  I was intrigued so we headed that way.

It turned out to be an awesome walk!  We first walked through towering oak and pine trees, dripping with Spanish moss.  We walked past a horse stable and then the trees gave way to smaller palms.  The marsh was on one side and we actually saw two eagles flying through the air as the sun rose and painted the sky a beautiful color! 

You can barely see one of the eagles in this picture:

We walked all the way down to end where we were greeted with an awesome fishing pier going out into the inlet. 

Charlie and I kept walking over a little bridge to the beach area where there was a sign for wildlife viewing. 

We turned around there since we had walked quite a ways and still needed to get back! 

As we returned to the campground, I snapped a couple of pictures of the entrance.

I spent the next couple of hours going through emails, fixing breakfast - Elvis oatmeal (oatmeal with bananas, peanut butter, and chocolate chips), and getting ready for the day - plus taking the dogs for another walk around the campground. 


We needed groceries so we decided to first check out the cute, small store on the island called the Jekyll Market.  We really liked this store - it had a bakery, ice cream, gifts (I bought an autographed copy of a book by a local author about the Jekyll Island Millionaires Club) - but the food was a little more expensive than what you could buy on the mainland so we decided to drive into Brunswick. 

You have to cross an amazing bridge to get to Brunswick.  It is really tall!  You can't tell by this picture but it is!

Here's a short video as we crossed a small bridge leaving Jekyll Island and then crossed the large bridge into Brunswick.

We got groceries at Walmart, picked up a couple of little strands of Christmas lights (to make our RV a little festive) at the Dollar Tree, and then grabbed a quick burger at McDonald's. 

We wanted to get back to Jekyll Island before we had to buy another parking pass.  You have to pay a $6 daily fee for crossing onto Jekyll Island.  You have 24 hours to use this pass so our pass from yesterday was still good. 


After we got the groceries put away and walked the dogs, Clinton and I jumped on our bikes and headed back to the Clam Creek area.  I wanted Clinton to see what I had discovered earlier with Charlie. 

It was a beautiful bike ride to the pier.  We walked out on it:

I had read about a really cool area of the beach on this end of the island - Driftwood Beach.  The sand was packed hard enough that we were able to ride our bikes all the way down there. 

It was the best bike ride I've ever been on!  When you walk on the beach, you always want to walk further than you really can but when you're riding a bike on the beach, you can go much further!  It was sunny but a little chilly - mid 50's.

Driftwood Beach was awesome!  So many trees to look at! 

As we walked back, we were treated with two huge cargo ships passing each other.  The Georgia Ports Authority is located further inland, near Brunswick which makes this a busy place with large ships.

We were having so much fun riding our bikes, we rode past the campground on the bike path that goes all the way around the island.  No we didn't go all the way around - just down a short way down the path to a historical marker. 

The Horton House is the remains of the first non-Native American home.  Major Horton was granted this island for his work with the English general James Oglethorpe.  He built this house in 1743 from tabby (a crushed seashell mixture like cement) which walls still stand today. 

The island eventually changed hands to the DuBignon family.  They lived in this home and some family members are buried across the street.

That family sold the island to a group of investors who created the Jekyll Island Club for the ultra rich. 

We were treated to a beautiful sunset:

7:30 p.m.

After a yummy low carb dinner of pizza chicken (chicken breasts covered with pizza sauce, mozzarella, and pepperoni), Clinton and I attended a jam session at the campground.  We enjoyed listening to songs we had never heard before and few familiar ones.  We really enjoyed one gal playing and singing who had an Irish accent.  

Here's a breakdown of our day:

We enjoyed our day on Jekyll Island.  My happy moments were:
  • watching eagles fly as the sun rose
  • riding bikes on the beach
  • looking at all the twisted trees on Driftwood Beach
We hope you had happy moments Thursday as well!

Stay happy Campers!

Michele and Clinton


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